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Philanthrophy  vol.61 Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group 5th TOMODACHI MUFG International Exchange Program

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG) is supporting the TOMODACHI MUFG International Exchange Program, an exchange program for Japanese students who were affected by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and for high school students in Southern California. Through cultural exchange activities and homestays, the program aims to give the Japanese students the opportunity to learn English and to deepen their understanding of the United States, an experience which may lead to an interest in studying abroad, working overseas, or being involved with international exchanges in the future. For the 5th TOMODACHI MUFG International Exchange Program, twenty high school and junior high school students from Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima prefectures were sent to Los Angeles, California, and its suburbs to participate in a two- week rogram from July 23 to August 6, 2016.


The Japanese students visited the official residence of the Consulate-General of Japan in Los Angeles and helped cook meals for the homeless among other activities.

Environmental Activities  vol.58 NYK Providing Support for Sea Turtle Research

NYK is supporting the Kishu Minabe Sea Turtle Research Project launched by licensed NPO EarthWatch Japan. Seventeen NYK group employees volunteered to participate in the research program conducted in July 2016. Minabecho beach in Wakayama Prefecture is the site where the largest number of loggerhead sea turtles lay their eggs each year in mainland Japan. These sea turtles are a threatened species and research into their ecosystem began in Minabecho in 1990.
     Twice this year, participants in the program attached identification tags to the turtles and measured and recorded their shell length and width using a caliper. The measurement and tagging activity is carried out as the turtles climb up the sandy beach to lay their eggs at night.

caption: Preservation of the environment is a top-priority issue for NYK.


The tagging and measuring of the sea turtles was carefully carried out so as not to interfere with their egg laying.