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mitsubishi.com is the portal site of the Mitsubishi companies.
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mitsubishi.com committee

In January 2001, "mitsubishi.com," a web portal of the Mitsubishi companies was established to provide a broad perspective on "Mitsubishi."
mitsubishi.com provides links to hundreds of Mitsubishi companies and organizations, including all of the Kinyokai members and scores of subsidiaries and affiliates. It is managed and operated by the mitsubishi.com committee, an organization aiming to achieve the following objectives through the website:

  1. Promote better understanding of the Mitsubishi companies.
  2. Provide higher accessibility to the individual websites of the Mitsubishi companies.
  3. Enhance communication between the Mitsubishi companies and concerning persons.

If you have a question or message concerning this web portal, please click here to contact the mitsubishi.com committee office.