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from Thailand

Special Places for Me: Bangkok & Chonburi

Retail Support (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Consolidated affiliate of Mitsubishi Shokuhin

Ms. Panissara Chaiyakham

General Manager of Administration

Elephants have always been a part of my life as I was brought up in an elephant camp, where my father had started to show working elephants to visitors. My father began working with elephants at a very early age and having such a camp was part of this dream. The place was like a large working elephant camp and I remember as a child experiencing the constant sight of elephant dung almost everywhere, the repugnance of its smell and all over the place swarms of flies. This made me wonder why my dad couldn’t do something different and clean, like run a restaurant or work in an office, like ordinary people. So, on graduating from school, I decided to seek a change of environment and go to work in Bangkok. After moving to Bangkok to live with my husband, the first thing I discovered was that I had exchanged the smell of elephant dung and its flies for the pervasive odor of gasoline exhaust fumes and the constant haze of industrial pollution.

A Challenging Job

A Challenging Job

The next thing I discovered was the change from the gentle rural lifestyle to the hectic pace of a big metropolitan city. I work at Retail Support (Thailand) Co., Ltd., as General Manager of Administration. My job concerns the Distribution Center and while I had no experience of distribution center work at first, it was a challenging job and it became easier to identify the problems that needed to be solved. Every day I have to get up at 4:00 am just to get ready to go to work travelling from Bangkok to Samutprakarn Province, about 70 kilometers. Then after 5:00 pm I must struggle for a couple of hours before arriving home exhausted. Some days the traffic is so bad it can take about 3 - 4 hours. Now, however, I am able to manage my workload and my lifestyle; the work goes smoothly and now I love my job.

Back Home to Refresh

Back Home to Refresh

With the motivation gained from experience, in order to give my best to the company and remain fresh for my work I decided that I needed to spend more of my free time with my family at weekends and during holidays. So I thought that it would be nice to take trips back to Chonburi to visit my parents in their rural home. Here, we are able to settle back into my parents’ relaxed and happy lifestyle. Sometimes we all go out to dinner somewhere; sometimes I rent a Karaoke room and enjoy singing with them. After relaxing like this, I can return to my job refreshed and ready to take on new challenges.

from the USA

Every Day is an Adventure in Portland

StanCorp Financial Group, Inc. / The Standard

A subsidiary of Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company

Mr. Justin Delaney

Vice President of External Affairs and Associate Counsel


The City of Roses. Bridge City (for the 12 bridges that span the Willamette River running through the city). Stumptown. Bike Town, USA. Rip City for basketball fans; Soccer City for Timbers and Thorns fans.
     The many nicknames of Portland, Oregon, reflect the unique history and vibrant fabric of the city. Located in the Pacific Northwest where the Willamette and Columbia rivers meet, Portland is nestled between the forested expanses of the Cascade Mountains — including nearby Mount Hood — and the Coastal Range. It’s just a short drive from Portland to the stunning coast, the lush wine country of the Willamette Valley that produces world-class pinot noir, the arid beauty of the central high desert and eastern Oregon’s cowboy country.
      Known for its quirky, independent streak, Portland has a little something for everyone — a wide variety of street food and world-class dining to please every taste, local coffee roasters and coffee shops, craft beer breweries (currently more than any other city in the world), distilleries, fine arts and cultural events, one of the largest urban parks in the country (Forest Park at 5,100 acres or 2,086 hectares), a Japanese garden considered the most authentic outside of Japan and, of course, significant local businesses with global reach such as Nike and Intel.
     In the early days, Portland was a rough-and-tumble town on the edge of the wilderness and an emerging center for logging and agriculture. As the city grew, a man named Leo Samuel founded Oregon Life Insurance Company in 1906, the company that would become The Standard. Mr. Samuel had a unique vision of a business that could better serve local customers and contribute to the local economy. It was a winning combination.

Many Opportunities for Employees

Many Opportunities for Employees

The Standard — which now has offices across the United States — extended his legacy, becoming a leading national provider of insurance and retirement products and services while retaining its focus on doing good things locally. The Standard became a public company in 1999, and then joined the Meiji Yasuda family of businesses in 2016. It was an exciting transition that brought together two companies that share a very similar purpose — helping our customers achieve financial well-being and peace of mind.
     Today, The Standard has approximately 3,100 employees across the U.S., the majority of them working in our Portland offices or at the nearby Tanasbourne campus in Hillsboro, Oregon. Our employees take full advantage of the many opportunities for adventure available in the region — from great food and drink to recreational activities such as hiking, biking, joining running teams (the 200-mile Hood to Coast relay is a favorite) and even dragon boating (with boats provided courtesy of Kaohsiung, Portland’s sister city in Taiwan).
     The people who choose to work for The Standard also find many ways to support the communities where they live and work. Each year, employees log thousands of volunteer hours helping their favorite schools and charities, using paid time off provided by the company. We also have an annual Employee Giving Campaign during which the company matches employee donations to the charity or school of their choice. Last year alone, this partnership raised $4.4 million for 1,700 different nonprofits. This focus on giving back is a trait our company shares with Meiji Yasuda, and one of the many cultural similarities that made our merger such a perfect fit.
     Every day in Portland is the start of a new adventure, and every day at The Standard is a chance to help move our customers, and communities, forward.