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from Vietnam

Full of Laughter and Happiness

P.S. Mitsubishi Construction Co., Ltd. Ho Chi Minh Representative Office

Representative Office in Vietnam (PSM Vietnam)

Mr. Le Son

Administration Manager

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P.S. Mitsubishi Construction Co., Ltd, Representative Office (PSM Vietnam) is located in Vietnam, a country in Southeast Asia described as having golden forests and silver seas.
     Our offices are located in the two largest cities, Ho Chi Minh (in the south of Vietnam) and Hanoi (in the north of Vietnam), which attract most foreign investment and which are most closely associated with PSM Vietnam’s vision and mission. They act as liaison offices playing roles in market research, development, investment and cooperation opportunities.
     2016-2018 was a remarkable period as it presented PSM Vietnam with tremendous opportunities. We have been able to join the “Ho Chi Minh City Urban Railway Metro Line No.1 – PC Sleepers Production Project” funded through Japan Overseas Development Assistance. In parallel with this, we are preparing to join other big projects in Vietnam such as the Ho Chi Minh Metro Line No. 2, the Hanoi Metro Project, and a sewage treatment project.

Cooperation & Office Work

Cooperation & Office Work

PSM Vietnam has enjoyed plenty of opportunities to cooperate with leading partners in Vietnam for a long time. And we are optimistic this cooperation will lead to even more vigorous growth in the future.
     At PSM Vietnam, I work as an office administrator in the fields of administration, accounting & finance support and tax management. I have many opportunities to develop and improve myself: learning to think carefully before taking action, to organize, to create plans and so on. I believe all of these opportunities will contribute to the further growth of PSM in Vietnam. One of the quotes that I like the best is “Where there is a will, there is a way.” So, whatever I do and wherever I work, there are always opportunities leading to success. Admin work brings a lot of challenges, but it is very interesting.

Family Life, Vacations

Family Life, Vacations

I have a small family with a cute wife. She works in a wedding fashion design company. We live in a small house on the river; it's pretty cool, very quiet and not too far from my workplace, just 10 kilometers by motorcycle. There are no traffic jams if you commute in the early morning or late afternoon.
     For our vacations, we usually join up with the Saigon Classic Motorcycles Club and go on both short and longer trips to different regions of my country on classic bikes. At weekends, we often visit family for warm and fun meals.
     My life may not be so colorful but it is full of happiness and filled with laughter. I think it is wonderful!

from the Philippine

The Philippines: An Attractive Country with Happy People

MOT-Barko Manila Inc.

An Affiliated company of Mitsubishi Ore Transport Co., Ltd.

Ms. Evelyn B. Coloma

accounting Manager

My beloved country, the Philippines, is an island nation located in the Malay Archipelago in Southeast Asia where the climate is tropical. The Philippines has over 7,107 islands and a total area of about 300,000 square kilometers. The capital city Manila, where I work, is located in the island of Luzon at the northern part. There are over 180 different languages spoken in the Philippines, but Tagalog is the most common.
     The total population is currently over 100 million and still increasing, so it has a developing economy based mainly on agriculture and the service sector. The poverty line is reported to be around 40%, which means 40% of the population remains poor, but most people are optimistic and happy despite being poor. That’s why you’ll see Filipinos waving and smiling at a television camera or on social media documenting a burning house or some place devastated by earthquake, flood or typhoon.
     Though at times we may experience volcanic eruptions, typhoons, floods, and earthquakes, my country is also a tourist destination loaded with the attractions they dream of: lots of sun, gorgeous beaches, world-class scenery, adventure opportunities, friendly outgoing locals, fascinating history, unique foods and lots of little-roamed territory. That’s why visiting the Philippines is a must try for everyone who loves to travel.

My Job: Working as a Team, Like a Family

My Job: Working as a Team, Like a Family

The largest trading partners we have are the US and Japan. So, I am glad and really privileged to be working for MOT- Barko Manila Inc (MBM), a Philippine-owned manning agency (service sector base) which is a 25% percent subsidiary of Mitsubishi Ore Transport Co., Ltd., Japan (MOT) and which engages qualified, competent and well-trained Filipino seafarers for MOT. According to the International Chamber of Shipping, the worldwide population of seafarers serving on international merchant ships is estimated at over 1.6 million, and the Philippines is one of the biggest suppliers, particularly of ratings, so this is what we do at MBM.
     Each of us in our office has a great degree of control and freedom over our jobs. We work fulltime, and our boss trusts us to produce high-quality work and results. As accounting manager, I ensure that all funds spent/profits made are properly audited/accounted and that MBM staff, as well as seafarers’ salaries, their family allotments and all remuneration due to them are remitted timely and precisely. I also see to it that all taxes, seafarers’ union benefits contributions, social security and other government requirements are fully complied with.
     Though there is mutual respect among staff and officers, it is our culture at MBM to work as members of a family; we exercise teamwork, we share and eat together at lunch/snacks and we share jokes and even personal problems in counseling. Furthermore, we love helping others, helping to create a better life for seafarers and their families and helping owners to prosper in their business. We even love the fact that their dream is the start of all possibilities and that in a small way we become part of that.