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The Mitsubishi Public Affairs Committee prohibits the unauthorized reproduction or distribution of any material that appears on thi

Unscrupulous vendors sometimes imprint the Mitsubishi logomark on products to deceive unwary customers. Unauthorized use of the three-diamond mark is especially distressing when it occurs in connection with dangerous products.

The use of the Mitsubishi logo on pills containing the club drug Ecstasy, or similar-looking but more potent stimulants such as the amphetamine PMA, is in no way associated with any of the separate and independent companies which share the Mitsubishi logomark. Accordingly, the use of our name and logo is clearly a misuse of the reputation of the Mitsubishi companies and constitutes trademark infringement.

While it is clear that the use of the Mitsubishi logo is illegal and unauthorized, our greatest concern must remain the young people who take these drugs. In some people, these drugs are known to cause extreme dehydration, heart attacks, and kidney failure, sometimes resulting in death. As responsible companies, we do not have anything to do with illegal substances that might harm the public and we do not wish in any way to be associated with such substances.