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Global Spotlight focuses on employees from the Mitsubishi Companies, who are excelling in their respective fields around the world. In each issue we will get to know different employees, who will tell us about their hometowns, businesses, culture, and pastimes.
The Netherlands, or Holland, is a small country in Western Europe with 16 million citizens. It is best known for its tulips, windmills, clumps (a modern pump-style clog) and is sometimes still mentioned in geography books at school because of its long history as a seafaring nation. Maybe that痴 why it was logical that Mitsubishi Kakoki Kaisha decided in 1995 to establish a local company in Holland for promoting the Mitsubishi Oil Purifier in Europe, because the equipment is mainly used in the maritime industry!
    The Mitsubishi purifier, also called the Mitsubishi Selfjector, is a vertical centrifuge which removes water and contaminants from engine lubricants and fuels. Our company can supply main purifier components, spare parts and also provide the aftersales services which earn the full satisfaction of our European customers. All services are rendered in co-operation with our European agents.
    Our team of six staff members comprises three Japanese, two Dutch and one Sri Lankan. Three different cultures, three different languages, but one common target: to make sure our customers can rely on us for our comprehensive and effective range of services.
    My position in the company is engineer in the after-sales service department, and my work includes onthe- spot repairs, commissioning of newly delivered machinery, providing distance technical advice using all types of modern communication channels or training potential operators at our training unit located at our office in Amstelveen near Amsterdam, the famous capital of Holland.
During an eight-year period as an officer in the merchant navy and serving as an engineer in a cruise company, I explored the world and all the maritime and technical facets related to it as a seaman.
    Of course a career is important but over the years I have realized that my family and private life are also important. Working for MKK Europe B.V. as an engineer is for me the perfect combination of a technically challenging job performed mainly in mainland Europe and a social life for me and my family.
In January 2012, I became the proud father of a beautiful daughter. So I will spend most of my time at weekends and during holidays with my daughter and my wife in Haarlem, a beautiful city close to Amsterdam with lots of historical attractions.
    If you are in the position to visit Holland and you do not find me in Haarlem, the big change is that I am now training for my favorite sport: rowing with eight people in an old type of rescue boat. It痴 definitely important for me to continue exercising and training because we enter big race events in Holland. We row along the channels of Amsterdam, past windmills and fields of tulips ・but see them from the water instead. This just goes to show that a seaman prefers to stay on the water!

Guam, a territory of the United States of America, is the home of Tokio Marine Pacific Insurance (TMPI). Guam is an island located in the western Pacific that lies about 2500 km south of Tokyo, Japan, and about 2600 km east of Manila, in the Philippines. Guam has a population of about 156,000 people and covers an area of 549 km2. It is truly tropical, with mean temperatures ranging from 24ーC to 30ーC. We have beautiful sandy beaches with clean clear water, providing many ocean recreation activities, including some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving available anywhere!
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We also have world-class golf courses, tennis facilities, and many walking and running events.
    Guam has become a major tourist destination for Japan. Other visitors come from Korea, China and Russia. Guam is also a duty-free port making for incredible shopping from world-class retailers, such as Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and others.
    Tokio Marine has been in Guam since 1968 when we first offered standard property and casualty insurance to our customers. TMPI is the largest insurance carrier in the
region, based on Gross Written Premium (GWP). We operate on Guam and on Saipan where our operations include providing group health insurance and standard property and casualty insurance.
The majority of our actual business operations is handled by three very important Managing General Agents. One manages our health insurance program throughout the region, a second handles our property and casualty operations on Guam, and the third handles our property and casualty operations on Saipan. This arrangement allows TMPI to have a lean and efficient operation with just 17 employees, which includes six members of our highly motivated property and casualty Claims Service Department.
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My name is Brion Kanda. I became TMPI痴 Chief Underwriting Officer for Property and Casualty Insurance in 2009, following many years in the insurance industry in Guam and Hawaii. When I started with TMPI, we employed nine people. Our staff nearly doubled in size in less than three years reflecting the growth of our operation in Micronesia and the wonderful career opportunities that the Tokio Marine Group has offered to us.
    Despite this recent growth, our staff is small enough for us to develop a familylike atmosphere within the office as we fulfill our responsibilities in a happy and pleasant work environment. We try to enhance our personal relationships with frequent staff luncheons together, golf outings, a company picnic and year-end celebrations. I consider myself to be very fortunate to work with one of the largest and most successful insurance organizations in the world while living in this tropical island paradise of Guam!
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