Mitsubishi Public Affairs Committee

Started in 1990, the Mitsubishi Asian Childrenfs Enikki Festa is a program that seeks to promote literacy education and to stimulate cultural exchange among children by allowing them to learn about each other through genikkih(illustrated diaries).

Ganbaatar Bolorma
Age 11, Girl

Camel Training
My uncle trained a camel. I was worried that my uncle might fall off of the camel, but I ran around taking pictures of them. I got some good photos to show my family. My uncle is strong.

Chuu Thantha Kyaw
Age 8, Girl
Republic of the Union of Myanmar

Kasone Festival 8th Jan. 2016
My family takes part in Kasone, pouring water on bodhi tree festival, every year. I went to the pagoda with my family in the early morning and poured water on the bodhi tree in the pagoda compound. I was so surprised that I saw some people giving free food to the visitors. My father explained that pouring water on the bodhi tree is to be fresh in the summer heat of May.

    *The Enikki entry above, when necessary, have been translated into English from the language they were originally written in.