Mitsubishi Public Affairs Committee

Started in 1990, the Mitsubishi Asian Childrenfs Enikki Festa is a program that seeks to promote literacy education and to stimulate cultural exchange among children by allowing them to learn about each other through genikkih(illustrated diaries).

Lin Sophy
Age 11, Girl
Kingdom of Cambodia

The rainy season, in November, is harvest time for farmers.
I go with my parents on Sundays to help with the harvesting.
Seeing the golden rice paddies when we harvest the rice makes me feel happy.

Mariyam Zeek Ahmed
Age 11, Girl
Republic of Maldives

Taking the ferry to school early every morning feels good.
The sea is peaceful and beautiful. I sometimes see porpoises swimming and airplanes taking off and landing.

    *The Enikki entry above, when necessary, have been translated into English from the language they were originally written in.