Mitsubishi Public Affairs Committee

Started in 1990, the Mitsubishi Asian Childrenfs Enikki Festa is a program that seeks to promote literacy education and to stimulate cultural exchange among children by allowing them to learn about each other through genikkih(illustrated diaries).

Medina Zaharah Binti Onn
Age 8, Girl

As a Muslim, I have to pray 5 times a day. Sometimes I go to the mosque to pray. The muezzin oodem panel is used to separate men and women. I like to be in the mosque, and the sound of Quran makes me calm and relax. The dome makes me feel like Ifm in a kaleidoscope, and itfs so beautiful.

Okasaki Yuki
Age 10, Girl

Our family went on a trip to Yamanashi Prefecture to go to a hot springs. I enjoyed looking up at beautiful Fujisan, the tallest mountain in Japan. Fujisan towered over everything and glistened in the sunlight. Fog surrounded Fujisanfs peak. The turning leaves on the trees were more interesting than just green leaves and made a beautiful sight. The surface of the hot spring bath reflected the image of Fujisan, and the reflection shook when we moved in the water. When I put my face down onto the water, the ripples and the light glimmered like jewels.

    *The Enikki entries above, when necessary, have been translated into English from the language they were originally written in.