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This edition sees the start of a series of feature articles looking at ICT, food, mobility and other topics. We begin with ICT (Information and communications technology). ICT is indispensable in adapting to changes in business and in society today. The Mitsubishi group of companies employs ICT in creating new values in many fields, including finance, medicine and robotics.

Recognition, logical deduction and execution. These are the three intelligent capabilities required to run a stable IT environment. ignio is an application that applies these intelligences by itself as it performs tasks. ignio also automates IT operation management and provides a unified system management platform.

ignio™ is a cognitive automation solution for IT operations using AI (artificial intelligence) that has been developed by Tata Consultancy Services. Already widely used by global companies in Europe and the US, Tata Consultancy Services Japan started serving Japanese companies in 2017. ignio autonomously acquires information, and learns about the IT environment in which it is deployed. It then takes over from humans in running and managing IT systems. ignio contributes to better operational quality and efficiency as well as to enhanced business reliability.

Understand the entire IT environment accurately Deduce and derive workable solutions Execute complex tasks in a sequential manner without being instructed

The cancer genome diagnostic process: MSS is responsible for the tasks in section 3 . Letters A, C, G, and T are abbreviations for the four nucleotide bases of a DNA strand: adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine.

Mitsubishi Space Software started working with Hokkaido University Hospitalfs Division of Clinical Cancer Genomics in the sequencing of cancer gene data in April 2016. The companyfs role is to perform deep sequencing analysis of genomic DNA samples and propose personalized treatment strategies to oncologists and others on the basis of the cancer-specific somatic gene mutations identified. The company has recently completed work on developing algorithms and software that are capable of analyzing combinations of molecular target drugs approved in Japan.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) is developing a robot that can carry out monitoring and inspection at plants, investigative work in hazardous environments, and even simple work using a robotic arm. What will make this robot unique will not only be its ability to operate autonomously using technologies such as automatic contactless charging and 3D-LiDAR to inform itself where it is in the facility, but also its explosion-proof capability, building on existing technology from Sakura No. 2, another robot originally developed with Chiba Institute of Technology as a tunnel accident first responder. The smart robot development program is partly funded by the Japanese government, but core technologies are proprietary MHI technology.

Mitsubishi Electric has become the first company anywhere to develop an algorithm which automatically designs deep learning structures. This allows the fast, low-cost development of artificial intelligence (AI) systems, without the input of specialized professionals, which can be adapted to

diverse user environments and devices. A paper describing the new system was published in the edition of Lecture Notes in Computer Science covering the International Conference on Neural Information Processing held at Kyoto University in 2016.

Request for DL design and implementation by an expert
It takes a lot of time for a DL expert to understand the problem and application because of poor knowledge of each individual field.
DL: Deep Learning AI: Artificial Intelligence
Implement DL directly by expert user of application
Systems adapted to the specific environment can be constructed quickly because of direct implementation by expert users of the application.

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG) in May 2017 announced the MUFG Re- Imagining Strategy which, with business innovation using digital technologies one of its main strategies, is aimed at improving customer convenience and accelerating the development of new financial services. Through the MUFG Digital Accelerator, which uses digital technologies to support the creation of innovative financial businesses, and the recent establishment of Japan Digital Design, MUFG is also forging ahead with Open Innovation.