Mitsubishi Public Affairs Committee

Mitsubishi Ore Transport held its first ever Family Day at its head office in March 2016, inviting staff families to visit the workplace. The object was to promote mutual understanding between staff and their families, between colleagues, and between staff and their managers on the basis that giving family members the opportunity to see their loved ones at work in the office should encourage communication at home. (And by allowing managers and colleagues to learn about individual employee domestic backgrounds, it encourages everyone in the office to help each other out in their daily tasks.)
     Children enjoyed themselves looking at models of bulk carriers and various captain’s caps, as well as taking part in an office “stamp rally” where they filled a booklet with rubber stamps. At the end of the visit, staff and their families ate together and got to know the members of other families. The company hopes that the office visit promotes mutual understanding between those taking part and motivates staff to work harder.

Various materials, stamp rally diaries, and photographs and models of MOT bulk carriers used for the Family Day held at the head office on a normal working day.