Mitsubishi Public Affairs Committee

  Comparison between half-section deck slab replacement and normal deck slab replacement methods.  

P.S. Mitsubishi Construction, working with the Nippon Expressway Research Institute, has developed the halfsection deck slab replacement method. The new method allows the traffic lanes going in each direction to remain open as the reinforced concrete slabs used on steel bridges are replaced. The technology is expected to lead to greater demand in the future. P.S. Mitsubishi technology is supporting the new technology, which has been developed since 2013. The biggest challenge was lateral movement in the joints between the composite deck slabs. It uses fiberglass and ceramic material, which is resistant to corrosion, and introduces pre-stressing to join the slabs. The use of those materials will give the deck slabs load-bearing performance and a working life of up to 100 years. The method has already been tested in 2016 at the Chugoku Expressway linking Nagoya and Tokyo. P.S. Mitsubishi is now trying to shorten the construction time even further.