Mitsubishi Public Affairs Committee

MRI (Mitsubishi Research Institute) started a new business aimed at raising the examination rate for gspecified health checkups.h Its target is the dependents of persons covered by social insurance, the majority of whom are wives of company employees. Specified health checkups refer to checkups that company health insurance associations are required to provide for employees and their spouses. Figures show, however, that the percentage of wives having checkups falls far short of their husbands who are employees: less than 50 percent.
   The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, as part of the current administrationfs Japan Revitalization Strategy, has made it mandatory that company health insurance associations formulate Data Health Plans, which are health care programs that employ assessment benchmarks, one key performance index (KPI) of which is the health checkup attendance rate. The aim is to rationalize ballooning health care costs.
   On behalf of health insurance associations, MRIfs gHealth, Go For Ith email service encourages spouses to go for checkups. In order to make people who are reluctant to have checkups more interested in their wellness, the email service delivers a mail magazine that provides information on beauty and health care, as well as a gKnowledge Boxh womenfs health portal. Health, Go For It was launched in April 2016 as a free trial online service, to become chargeable in April 2017.

The gKnowledge Boxh website carries notifications from the health insurance associations as well as information relating to womenfs health and is also accessible by smartphone. As well as a variety of information, the site also has a section that gives away wellness-useful presents.