Mitsubishi Public Affairs Committee

Global Spotlight focuses on employees from the Mitsubishi Companies who are excelling in their respective fields around the world. In each issue we will get to know different employees, who will tell us about their hometowns, businesses, culture, and pastimes.

Schweinemett and Düsseldorffs famous Altbier

Celebrating at the street carnival, famous
in Düsseldorf and Cologne

The German Branch of Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. is headquartered in Ratingen next to Düsseldorf. Ratingen is located between the Ruhr region in the north and the Rhine valley in the south, a region abundant with historical castles and beautiful towns, and also known for its local wine. Among others, Düsseldorf is renowned for its many local culinary specialties and beverages, such as the famous Altbier. Each year, the cities in this region, called Rhineland, celebrate their carnival season from November onwards, ultimately culminating in festive street parades in February. People put on colorful costumes for the street carnival and the cities become one big party.
   I work as a software engineer in the field of servo and motion for the Factory Automation European Development Center. We develop products to fulfill the needs of the European market and customers. Germanyfs gIndustrie 4.0,h the fourth industrial revolution, is a big topic and has become ever-present in our daily work. It gives us a lot of challenges but also very interesting topics to work on.

Visiting a vineyard in France

In my free time, I enjoy travelling around Europe with family and friends. Other European countries and their capital cities, such as Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam, can be reached easily by train or car. London is also just a one-hour flight away. I always look forward to tasting different local cuisines during trips.
    Germanyfs national sport is without doubt football. Germanyfs biggest stadium, which boasts a capacity of more than 80,000 people, is located just about one hour away from our office in the city of Dortmund. I enjoy watching games there with colleagues and friends from time to time.

Mitsubishi Motors Middle East & Africa Operations and the service Training Center are based in Dubai. The Training Center offers an 18-week training program each year with on-site and satellite training for automotive technicians from the Middle East and Africa in order to provide the MMC Authorized Dealer Network in the Middle East & Africa region with highly trained automotive technicians.
   In keeping with MMCfs vision and mission to build on continued success and ongoing business growth, MMMEA (ME-TSC) meets the training needs of various departments. It also senses and analyses trainee needs and delivers training accordingly.

Apolinario Consemino
Assistant manager:
Technical / Non-Technical;
speaks Tagalog and English

Hajime Kawai
Training Manager:
Technical and Body
Repair Training instructor;
speaks Japanese,
French and English

   Technical training covers the M-STEP (Mitsubishi Service Technician Education Program). M-STEP offers three levels and four qualifications.
   Basic: Regular inspections, and pre-delivery inspections.
   Middle: Component overhaul.
   High: Troubleshooting.
   Non-technical training covers M-SAT (Mitsubishi Service Advisor Training), M-FOT (Mitsubishi Foreman Training), MACS (Management and Communication Skills), INSGEN (Instructor General Skills), and PST (Parts Staff Training).
   In training for new models, ME-TSC updates technicians on new technologies used in new models as well as existing vehicles, enabling them to maintain and repair vehicles professionally (Fix it right the first time) for better customer satisfaction.

A/T technical training course

MY16 Montero Sport training

Mitsubishi Motors Middle East & Africa, with the cooperation of Al Habtoor Motors, successfully organized its first African skill contest to give more motivation in the African region. Winners of the African skill contest held in Dubai in July 2016 were Mr. Sheikh Yaqoub of Simba Colt Motors, Kenya, and Mr. Charles Semukuut of Victoria Motors, Uganda. Both winners won a place in the Global Service Skills Contest 2016 held in Tokyo, Japan, in November 2016.

Actually, for myself, and all the people I know and mix with, living in Dubai is, well, normal. We get up and go to our workplaces five or maybe five and a half days each week, and we engage in a variety of recreational activities in our spare time and at the weekends. These activities may be no more exotic than getting up a bit later than during the working week, spending longer over breakfast, and maybe having a second coffee and deciding if the weather is too hot to do anything outdoorsy.
   If it is too hot, I am happy to re-watch the whole first series of gMad Menh or gGame of Thrones,h with some snacks from the pantry or the refrigerator, as the urge takes me. If it is a bit cooler, perhaps a swim and a picnic somewhere or go down to the gym, or join a safari trip with freinds and enjoy the sunset in the desert. And the days fly by, normally.