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Global Spotlight focuses on employees from the Mitsubishi Companies who are excelling in their respective fields around the world. In each issue we will get to know different employees, who will tell us about their hometowns, businesses, culture, and pastimes.

I work in the London office of Mitsubishi Estate, working as the Office Manager for the last 6 years. Our office moved from the financial district to Soho in September 2015, and we are now located just around the corner from Piccadilly Circus, Regent Street and Carnaby Street. With an endless choice of shops, restaurants, cafes, bars and food markets around our office, there really is no better place in London to both work and play.

Guildford-River Wey

     And yet, where I choose to make my home is rather different. I live in a town called Guildford, located in Surrey about 30 miles to the southwest of London. My commute to the office is an hour, door to door. I have the Surrey Hills countryside on my doorstep, and yet the town itself has a bustling and historic town centre. I love the pubs along the River Wey, the cobbled High Street, the range of shops, the independent restaurants and cafes, and the beautiful greenery. My family home is just 25 minutes away so I know the area well, but I have only really appreciated this town after I decided to move here from London in 2014. Itfs a nice contrast to the busy capital, and I would urge anyone visiting London to get out into the countryside for a day or two!

Country walks with my nephew

New Zealand road trip

Norway trip

I am a keen gym goer and like to attend gym classes during my lunch hour on weekdays. On weekends, I prefer to exercise outside, with jogs along the river or playing tennis with my husband. On Saturday mornings, I attend a free yoga class run by Lululemon in Guildford, which in the warmer summer months is held in the beautiful grounds of Guildford Castle.
     Spending time with family is very important in my life. I am lucky to have three nephews and a niece nearby, so I love playing with them and going for walks around National Trust properties in the south of England. My brother is rather skilled with a BBQ, so I frequently pop to his house in the summer to enjoy a delicious BBQ on the deck with my family.
     My husband and I also love to travel, and some recent highlights include a road trip across the Southern Island of New Zealand, seeing the Northern Lights in Norway, and skiing in Japan. We are currently planning our summer road trip, this time through the Canadian Rockies to Vancouver. My husband and I used to live in Vancouver in 2009-2010, so I cannot wait to see our friends out there and revisit my favourite city in the world.

As the country with the biggest Muslim population in the world, Indonesia has a unique tradition during Ramadan called ngabuburit . Actually this is not an Islamic tradition but just the routine activities that most Muslim people in Indonesia undertake to pass time before breaking their fast. A couple hours before breaking their fast, they go to a park or to a market, to a tourist resort gathering with their friends, their family to get some food or just to kill time. There are some rare foods and drinks that are only found during Ramadan, like kolak , sarabii , cendol , pacar cina , kolang kaling , and blewah . Every region has its own specific and unique foods and drinks. For example, I am from West Sumatra where we have some specific dishes like lamang tapai, karupuak kuah, onde-ond.
     Another unique tradition during Ramadan is gbeduk sahur .h This is a way of waking people up in the very early morning so they can have their gsahur,h which is an Islamic term referring to the meal consumed early in the morning by Muslims before fasting. Teenage boys march around the neighborhood with a gbedukh or other musical instrument yelling gsahur sahur .h

Ngabuburit at Summarecon Bekasi

Kerupuk Kuah

     And we still have a unique tradition before the Eid festival, which most people go back to their original village or home town to celebrate. They will stay there during that holiday, meet up with their family, their old friends, and their relatives as well. Almost all regions in Indonesia celebrate Eid with ketupat , a rice dish wrapped in a coconut leaf and cooked about 2-3 hours, eaten together with some vegetables and opor ayam .

PT. DNT Indonesia Family Gathering

I have been working at PT. DNT Indonesia since August 2000, when it was still PT. Tanabe Chemical Indonesia. I am in charge of the Accounting and Administration Department, handling finance matters, and making sure that the company complies with government or authority rules so that all the companyfs business activities work as planned. PT. DNT Indonesia has two plants, the first one focuses on the bonded business zone, the other one on domestic business only. Both plants are located in Cikarang, a largely industrial district to the east of Jakarta.
     I really feel comfortable working at this company since the atmosphere is very warm, friendly, and nice. By working here I can meet many Japanese people, and many others from abroad as well, and I have been learning many things related to my work. The company often has family gatherings to strengthen relationships and togetherness between us all. Itfs really very nice.

Free time with family

Spending time with family

Most of my free time is spent with my beloved family. Of course, like others, I feel my family is everything to me. All I want to do is to make them happy. And I always keep an eye on my children, watching them grow. They are my spirit, my energy, and my soul. Every time I feel tired I just look at their pictures and all the tiredness disappears when I meet them. My husband, my children and I often spend some time going out to watch movies, having dinner, going to a tourist resort, or just staying at home, cuddling, and watching our favorite football team. Sometimes my daughter and I will try some new recipes, watch some funny videos, or I just sit with her while she is drawing. I always sit with my son while he finishes his homework, guiding him in studying for a test or preparing for school outdoor activities.