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Global Spotlight focuses on employees from the Mitsubishi Companies who are excelling in their respective fields around the world. In each issue we will get to know different employees, who will tell us about their hometowns, businesses, culture, and pastimes.

MKK Asia Co., Ltd. (MKKA) was established in 2010 as a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Kakoki Kaisha Ltd. (MKK), Japan. We are in the EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) business for food chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants and others in Thailand. Our office is located in the central business area of Bangkok. I joined MKKA in 2013 as a stationary equipment design engineer looking after strength calculations and the CAD drawing of pressure vessels, shell & tube heat exchangers and storage tanks. These are then sent to the fabricator so we can deliver the physical equipment to customer. During my four years at MKKA, Ifve experienced a lot of valuable things not only at MKKA but also when I was sent on a training course at MKK Japan for three months. Thatfs where I experienced the real Japanese working style and culture. The country, food, the infrastructure, the scenery were incredible. MKK Japan staff were very friendly and helpful which made my life in Japan unforgettable.

Hong Island

Maya Bay at Phi Phi Le Island

One of my most unforgettable vacations was the Island Tour in Krabi Province, which lies along the coast of the Andaman Sea in Southern Thailand and is a top tourist destination because of its plentiful natural attractions.
     On the first day we went to Hong Island, 20 minutes from Ao nang by speedboat. gPelay Beachh is the only beach but it is recognized for being extremely beautiful, boasting fine white sand, coral and lots of varieties of tropical fish. Framed by limestone rock formations is a large lagoon. This is best accessed at low tide by kayak, when the diminishing water level makes its colour change drastically from a deep emerald green to a clear turquoise.
     On the second day we went to the Koh Phi Phi Don archipelago. The superb scenery includes high hills with jutting cliffs surrounded by marvellous beaches and an emerald sea which hides coral reefs and colourful marine life. The snorkeling was one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

Pratunam Chicken Rice (Khao man gai)
Khao man gai is the Thai version of the well-known Hainanese dish of chicken and rice. The chicken is boiled and served along with rice cooked in garlic and chicken stock, a sauce, and chicken soup on the side. It is best served in the Thai street-food way.

     The Pratunam Khao man gai restaurant on Petchburi road near Pratunam Plaza in Bangkok is popular with foreign tourists. If you come to Thailand, donft forget to try gKhao man gai.h Pratunam Khao man gai has a branch in Shibuya, Japan. If you have the chance, try it out.

Rio de Janeiro, or Rio, is the most popular tourist destination in South America. The city was founded in 1565 and served as Brazilfs capital until 1960. UNESCO designated Rio as a World Heritage Site in July 2012 in the

Statue of Christ the Redeemer

category of cultural landscape. The landmarks like Corcovado, Copacabana beach and Sugarloaf Mountain, among others, made Rio known as gCidade Maravilhosah, or gThe Wonderful City.h
     The city has a population of around 7 million of Cariocas. A gCarioca,h by definition, is a person who was born in Rio. However, gCariocah also refers to someone who, born in any part of Brazil or abroad and living in Rio, feels perfectly blended into the city and its way. Cariocas are happy and enjoy simple things in life. The most famous events in the city are festivals, such as the Carnival and New Yearfs Eve celebrations. On New Yearfs Eve, 2.5 million people gather at Copacabana beach to celebrate the New Year and watch a massive fireworks show. The Carnival at Sambodromo in February attracts thousands of spectators to view the street festival, where around 500,000 people per day celebrate throughout the city.

Rio Port

Rio hosted the 2016 Summer Olympics, a first for a South American and Portuguese-speaking country. The city warmly welcomed everyone with the best glet the games beginh atmosphere. The opening ceremony was remarkable, celebrating our cultural diversity and giving a strong environmental message to the world. Our staff went to competitions and ceremonies and had the chance to feel the atmosphere and enjoy such a wonderful event.

Office Staff: (From left) Vinicius Cordeiro, Ana
Carolina Siniscalchi, and Beatriz Schulz

Our office in Rio is responsible for commercially covering the Brazilian market and providing local support to other NYK subsidiaries in the areas of dry bulk shipments, tankers, and the offshore business. The Rio office was founded in 2005 under NYK Bulkship (USA) Inc., currently NYK Bulkship (Atlantic) N.V., and originally focused on the dry bulk business. Over the last 12 years, we have constantly expanded our scope of activities and support to other offices, including LNG and offshore business units.