Mitsubishi Public Affairs Committee

Global Spotlight focuses on employees from the Mitsubishi Companies who are excelling in their respective fields around the world. In each issue we will get to know different employees, who will tell us about their hometowns, businesses, culture, and pastimes.

Greetings from the beautiful, yet deceptively chilly seaside city of San Francisco, California! Here you will find steep hills littered with Victorian houses, rustic cable cars, an iconic big red bridge, and the headquarters of Jackson Square Aviation (JSA). JSA is an aircraft leasing company that was founded in 2010. We joined the Mitsubishi family in 2013 when we were acquired by Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance. Led by a team of industry experts, we purchase commercial airliners, lease them out to airlines, and manage the leases. Our portfolio is comprised of over 140 aircraft with nearly 50 airlines around the globe.

     I joined JSA almost two years ago as a Marketing Analyst, providing market research and data analyses on the commercial airliner industry. This mostly entails research and analysis on global fleet forecasts, new airplanes for investment, and aircraft remarketing strategies. It is an exciting time to be in the industry, as we are on the forefront of a monumental shift towards next-generation airplanes. Advancements in jet engine efficiencies and composite structure manufacturing have led to a wave of new aircraft that burn less fuel and are constructed of materials lighter and stronger than metals. It is fascinating to observe their development and trials as they transition into operation with your local airlines and become available for us to purchase.

As far as I can recall, I have always had an interest in aviation. A few of my core life goals from a very early age were to get my pilotfs license and work in the aviation industry. I am very thankful that I can say I have accomplished both. When I am not in the office analyzing market trends or researching aircraft, I like to spend my time flying them. I received my private pilot license when I was 20 years old and like to fly as much as my bank account will allow. Usually, these flights are short trips around the Bay Area or greater Northern California. Often, I will take family members or friends. I enjoy taking passengers who have never flown in a small,

single-engine airplane, so they can see a unique perspective of flight and of California that is missed when squashed in the back of a commercial jet. I plan to advance my flying with an instrument rating that will allow flights in all different types of weather, as well as eventually transition into aerobatic flying. I have taken a few aerobatic lessons and I find it to be the pinnacle of flight. For anyone who has dreamed of flying an airplane, I would highly recommend taking an introductory lesson and giving it a try!

Lotus Temple

Red Fort

North Indian Cuisine

I work for Mitsubishi Chemical India Pvt. Ltd. (MCI ), which is headquartered in Gurugram, a city just 20 kilometers from the international airport of Delhi, the capital of India. Itfs an up-and-coming city which boasts the presence of such global majors.
    Delhi is a city where ancient and modern blend seamlessly together, a symbol of the countryfs rich past and thriving present. You can easily see the wonders of this city, such as its landmarks like Red Fort, a historical fort made of sandstone which blends Indian, European and Persian architecture; Lotus Temple, the last of Major Bahaifs seven temples built around the world; and Qutub Minar, a minaret registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can also enjoy arts and crafts, and diverse cuisine and culture.
     All this is combined with the best features of a modern city, such as a metro system, bustling malls and fabulous eating places. It is time to celebrate this city which is a symbol of the countryfs rich past and thriving present. As a capital city it is fittingly a window to the country. So come and look out of the window and discover a whole new city of numerous stories and experiences.

I was the first sales and marketing staff member to join the company in 2008, taking up the position of sales manager to begin the business of marketing the group companyfs products in India. It was a very challenging assignment for me as our presence in India was very limited. Also to set up the entire business channel and negotiate with a diversified set of customers was a different challenge altogether.
     Ten years later, MCI is now a company with 30-plus employees and we have steadily increased profits in the growing market of India.
     We aim to be even bigger with diversified business portfolios in coming times.

Being in sales and marketing, I am often away on business trips to other parts of the country and also nearby countries, but whenever I get time, I spend it with my family and children. Believe me, when you are with your kids, you really have a whole new outlook on and understanding of life.
     I am really enjoying my life and work, achieving an equal balance between each. May this scenario continue.