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Global Spotlight focuses on employees from the Mitsubishi Companies who are excelling in their respective fields around the world. In each issue we will get to know different employees, who will tell us about their hometowns, businesses, culture, and pastimes.

Singapore - the only place where your country, state and city are all the same. A multi-racial, multi-language country, it also offers a very wide variety of cuisine. This country has managed to turn itself from a stranger on the global market to a country that has real potential. Due to this, many companies have established their Asia regional head office here and Mitsubishi Gas Chemical is one such company.

AGELESS product training at Tokyo Techno Park

Dinner with Aromatic Chemicals Division, Aromatic Chemicals Company. Namahage demon and myself.

Most tourists who visit Singapore come for the iconic view of Marina Bay Sands, which also happens to be a view I can see from my office. Being a multi-racial country, Singaporeans always seem to have some trouble deciding what they would like for their next meal.
     At Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Singapore (MGCS), we have various teams taking care of a wide range of products. We have both a trading team and a development team. I am a sales and marketing executive in the development team where my focus is finding new customers and new applications for MGCfs strategic products in Southeast Asia. Because of the heavy workload, I work in a team with two other colleagues and we all support each other. Oxygen absorbers (AGELESS) for food and pharmaceuticals and high performance engineering plastics (Nylon-MXD6, Iupilon Sheet and Iupizeta resin) are promising products in our growing market.
     Sometimes, I travel to MGC in Tokyo for strategy meetings as I try to work in line with the direction that the company is moving. During such visits, we work and have some fun after office hours.

Cherry blossoms in Karuizawa

In the past, prior to my marriage, I used to be a landscape photographer. Due to this passion/interest, I prefer taking photos of scenery instead of people. Singapore is a very small country so I try to take scenery photos whenever I travel overseas (either for work or for leisure). I would have loved to show more of the photos I had taken in Japan but my storage media failed on me this time (so much for all my hard work). Since I started on this job, I have started learning Japanese and wanting to travel to Japan. As such, I did some research with my wife for a personal trip to Japan. We went to Karuizawa and were able to enjoy these beautiful cherry blossoms.

I grew up in Abrantes, a city in central Portugal which dates back to 300 BC when the Celts established the first settlements in the area. The name of the city derives from the Latin word Aurantes due to alluvial gold deposits along the Tagus River, the biggest in the Iberian Peninsula. I completed almost all of my education at the Pupilos do Exército, a military vocational education school, where I earned my Bachelor in Machinery Engineering. Later, I earned another degree, this time as Licentiate in Mechanical Engineering at the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria.
     My favorite free - time activities are sports and travelling! Each opportunity I have is spent travelling around Portugal and Europe, and of course, if it is sunny, the beach is always my number one destination! But I also love to put on my gear and go skiing over the snow or to do a triathlon - and I never forget my regular running training while I try to keep fit.
     Did I mention my two other passions? Music and my Honda Transalp 650 are part of my daily life. And, obviously, as does any good Portuguese, I love spending time with family and friends, with lots of long and delicious meals of fantastic Portuguese cuisine, especially in my home, in Sardoal, near Tramagal, where I live with my wife and Pipoca, my cat!

Among the many things that bring joy to my life is my work. Moving from the aeronautics industry, I started my career with Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks Europe, MFTE, in 1996, first in the component development area and later in procurement. In 2004, my production adventure began: I was a member of the assembly department until 2012, when I was promoted to Production & TOS Manager. I now have under my supervision 292 people, divided in three departments: Production, Internal Logistics and Truck Operating System (TOS) - divided into a total of 14 teams. I am responsible for the entire production process: from the reception and unloading of components, to the moment we have a completely built vehicle unit (CBU) leaving our plant.
     I am committed to the constant improvement and optimization of production processes, and I am a big supporter of Lean Management, TOS and the strength of people-to-people relations. I try to know every inch of the shop floor and everyonefs needs, while also learning, humbly, from them. I appreciate the fact that everyone does their work well, but it is essential for everyone to be involved and enthusiastic about what they are doing. You know that where therefs a will therefs a way and this approach helps everyone work together. Moreover, if you love what you are doing you will do great work, and be prepared for new challenges on the road to success. Taking pleasure in my work is a concept I always try to follow, and when someone reaches this point, as I have, it is something absolutely fantastic!
     One last reason why I love my job is the possibility it gives me to travel all over the world, finding a sense of belonging each time I enter a FUSO plant! The exchange of professional, cultural and personal experiences marks me deeply.
     I am proud to be in a company where people want to work, alongside skilled workers, and in a motivating atmosphere. Assembling the Canter model since 1980 makes MFTE one of the more experienced of Fuso's plants, which gives us more responsibility and makes us want to give our best every day! As I always say, luck requires a lot of work!