Mitsubishi Public Affairs Committee

Global Spotlight focuses on employees from the Mitsubishi companies who are excelling in their respective fields around the world. In each issue we will get to know different employees, who will tell us about their hometowns, businesses, culture, and pastimes.

Luvata Special Products group was acquired by Mitsubishi Materials Corporation on May 2, 2017, and I work for Luvata in Delaware, Ohio. In Ohio we manufacture resistance welding electrodes, electrical contacts and other specialty formed parts. Today Luvata is the worldfs leading manufacturer of resistance welding electrodes used for robotic welding by the automotive industry.

Nitrode, the most cost - effective, high- performance cap electrode

     I joined the company in 1997 and have been a Maintenance Mechanic for nearly 20 years. I fix things, build things and help with preventative maintenance to ensure our equipment is running at optimal speed and efficiency. While I enjoy my job, these skills are also put to good use in my true passion, riding motorcycles.

I rode my first motorcycle when I was five years old. I have done motocross, super moto road races and competed in the Loretta Lynn Amateur Motocross Championship five times. In October 2017, I was the winner of the two-day Western Regional Qualifier event for the upcoming BMW 2018 GS Trophy.

GS Trophy Qualifier Event

     Once every two years, BMW opens applications around the world for BMW owners to prove their motorcycle skills in an exclusive competition called the GS Trophy. The GS refers to the German gelände/straβe, meaning off-road. The GS Trophy isnft a race, but rather a competition of finesse, maneuverability and technique in riding a BMW motorcycle off-road. I think the off-road capabilities of a BMW bike are phenomenal; from the suspension to the motor, these bikes are made for more than just cruising.
     Three other teammates and I make up the United States 2018 GS Trophy Team. We will be in Mongolia at the end of May for the competition which runs June 3-10, 2018. Competing against nearly 20 other countries, the multi-day event consists of intense daily challenges which require high-level skill and teamwork. Yet very little is told beforehand about the course or challenges that await the various teams.
     While Ifve been riding bikes forever and have been building, fixing and learning things at Luvata Ohio for many years, I couldnft have done this without the support of my wife, family and friends. All of these things combined have given me this opportunity to represent Team USA at the BMW GS Trophy 2018.

London is home to the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Red Buses, Black Cabs, Sherlock Holmes, Jack the Ripper, Harry Potter, the Rolling Stones and the Queen!

     It is a truly cosmopolitan city, with a diverse population of 9 million people and over 17 million visitors every year. Our vibrant community hosts more than 270 nationalities, and over 300 languages are spoken on our streets. The sprawling capital is immersed in history, art, and culture and continues to be one of the leading financial centres of the world.
     The quickest way of getting around is on the London Underground, which is the oldest tube system in the world. To survive London you really need to know the unwritten rules of how to travel on the Tube.

Rule 1 -

No eye contact, smiling, or talking to people you donft knowcever.

Rule 2 -

If there is a dog on the tube, then smiling is ok and you have to stroke the dog.

Rule 3 -

If someone starts talking to you, just close your eyes and pretend you are asleep.

Rule 4 -

If someone falls asleep on your shoulder, keep still, look awkward and donft say anything.

Rule 5 -

Donft read the texts of other passengers over their shouldercunless you are really boredc
or their texts are really interesting.

Rule 6 -

When changing platforms at Bank Station, take a packed lunch in case you get lost.

Rule 7 -

Mind the Gap!

Once you have familiarised yourself with how to travel around London and have managed to find your way out of Bank Station, our offices shouldnft be difficult to find. MUAM (UK) is based in the heart of the City on the doorstep of the Bank of England, and only a few minutes walk of the magnificent St. Paulfs Cathedral, the eerie Tower of London, and the famous Tower Bridge. The financial hub is built within the original City of London, known for the Great Fire of 1666 that consumed most of the buildings inside the city walls.
     Our office is surrounded both by remnants of historic London, with small and winding cobbled brick streets, old-fashioned buildings, and traditional pubs, and by the new contemporary office towers designed by international architects including Renzo Pianofs impressive Shard just across the River Thames (the tallest building in Western Europe).

     There are only 24 people working at MUAM (UK). Thanks to the fact we share the building with other Mitsubishi entities and a number of initiatives run by employees, there is plenty to do when we are not working. There is an opportunity to learn Japanese, take part in a table tennis tournament, join Mitsubishifs own rock band or join the Mitsubishi Aikido Dojo where you can learn how to throw, strike or restrain an opponent.