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Green Diamonds highlights the ongoing efforts of Mitsubishi companies to foster a greener, more sustainable planet and brighter, more vibrant communities through wide-ranging environmental and social initiatives.

Eighty percent of Jordan is desert and the shortage of drinking water is a serious problem. The city of Mafan is situated in the desert and until now was unable to provide pupils at its public schools with safe drinking water. Mitsubishi Corporation has donated 60 domestic water purifiers to 38 public schools in Mafan this fiscal year, thereby providing a safe supply of drinking water for some 10,000 pupils and teaching staff. A ceremony marking the donation

was held on October 10, 2016, at a high school in the city and was attended by the Mafan Director of Education and Municipal Board of Directors as well as school principals and parents. The ceremony was held at the King Abdullah II School for Excellence, a girlsf school that admits outstanding pupils from

MC Senior Vice President & Regional CEO Katsuya Nakanishi attends the ceremony.

each grade of all the public schools in the city. To the accompaniment of a folk band and folk dancing, the MC delegates were greeted by children of all ages waving the Jordanian and Japanese flags.

The NYK-TDG Maritime Academy (NTMA), which NYK operates in the Philippines, conducted an international short-term student-exchange program with maritime schools in Japan through the months of August and October 2016.
   The program was organized as part of the NYK Mirai Project. From August 31 to September 10, nine students from the Hiroshima, Yuge, and Oshima colleges of the National Institute of Technology travelled to the Philippines to participate in study and activities at NTMA. And for four days from October 9,

ten students from NTMA visited the National Institute of Technologyfs Yuge College. During the visits, students

attended classes and drill training together, communicating with one another in English and sharing the excitement of, and gaining further motivation toward, becoming international seamen.

Kirin Holdings and Mitsubishi Electric have been awarded A-list recognition by CDP in its Climate Change and Water Programs. CDP is an international NPO committed to creating a sustainable world economy. For the third successive year, Kirin was accorded Climate Change A-list recognition for its commitment to saving energy, its progressive use of solar, wind and biogas generated electricity and other renewable energy sources, and to its cutting of CO2 in the value chain, this including container weight reduction and the implementation of shared transportation logistics.
    Mitsubishi Electric, meanwhile, was recognized for the first time, for its efforts in reducing the environmental impact of production processes

throughout its global value chains and in developing and providing low-impact products and services. The company is driven

in this by its Environmental Vision 2021 initiative, which focuses on the creation of low-carbon, recycling-based societies and on efforts to preserve biodiversity. Mitsubishi Electric also received A-list recognition in the climate change and water categories of CDPfs Supply Chain Program, in addition to the top rating in CDPfs first ever Supplier Engagement Rating.

Mitsubishi Chemical Holdingsf group company Quadrant Plastic Composites Japan (QPCJ) was presented with the Excellence Award in the Letfs Select Award of the Biodiversity Action Awards 2016 at a ceremony held on November 19, 2016, and sponsored by the Japan Committee for the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity (UNDB - J). The panel of judges cited the measures QPCJ had taken to preserve biodiversity in its program to contribute to biodiversity by replacing imported plywood panels with recyclable performance plastics.
   Japan relies heavily on plywood imported from Southeast Asia for the panels used in concrete formwork on construction sites. The impact of this is a rapid reduction in the regionfs tropical rain forests, which harbor a rich biodiversity, and is considered a cause of climate change and of damage to the ecosystem. To solve the environmental problem of resource depletion resulting from the use of plywood that is disposed of after use, in 1990 QPCJ developed the reusable gX-Sheeth formwork made from glass-mat-reinforced thermoplastics (GMT), which are used as a

Award ceremony

gX-Sheeth formwork

Forming a concrete wall with
gX-Sheeth formwork

metal substitute for parts in the automotive industry.
   QPCJ won the Excellence Award in recognition of its efforts to solve environmental problems and preserve biodiversity through its development and sales of eco-friendly products.