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Green Diamonds highlights the ongoing efforts of Mitsubishi companies to foster a greener, more sustainable planet and brighter, more vibrant communities through wide-ranging environmental and social initiatives.

Mitsubishi Materials Naoshima Smelter and Refinery and Mitsubishi Materials Kyushu Plant on June 12, 2017, finished the detoxification of industrial waste illegally dumped on Teshima Island in Kagawa Prefecture that they had been working on together over the last 13 years and nine months. Blessed with bountiful natural features, Teshima Island lies in the eastern part of Japanfs Seto Inland Sea, which separates Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu, and is reasonably close to the Naoshima Smelter and Refinery. Over a ten-year period starting around 1980, large quantities of industrial waste were illegally dumped or burnt openly on Teshima Island, and

subsequent surveys detected that high concentrations of toxic materials had leached into the beaches and sea.
     Completed in 2003, the Naoshima Smelter and Refinery provided land, heavy oil, electric power, oxygen and other resources for use in the detoxification process as part of its on-site intermediate treatment facility operations. The Kyushu Plant, meanwhile, processed polluted soil by using it to make cement. This project enabled the Naoshima Smelter and Refinery to enter the recycling business in a serious way and to make a fuller contribution to society since.

March 28. Last shipment of industrial waste being delivered to Naoshima.

June 12. Kagawa Prefecture governor Mr. Hamada (right) closes down the intermediate treatment facility.

July 9. MMC vice president Mr. Iida gives a congratulatory address.

After introducing its first convenience shop trucks in 2012, Lawson has been expanding its shop-on-wheels business targeting elderly customers who find it difficult to visit regular stores and people living in remoter areas. As well as aiming at future expansion of its customer base by creating a range of customer groups it has been unable to acquire at its regular convenience stores, Lawson is also working to improve its community-based services by carrying out a gcommunity watching serviceh that reaches out to and checks the safety and well-being of elderly households.
     The Motor Vehicle Business Division of Mitsubishi Corporation delivered the first shop truck to the Lawson Kameda General Hospital Shop (Kamogawa City, Chiba Prefecture) on March 30, 2017, and since then it has been delivering shop trucks to Lawson stores throughout the country. The shop trucks are unique in

Convenience shop truck developed by MC now in service at Lawson stores throughout Japan

being able to store food products at a constant temperature of 4‹C and for their loading capacity of being able to stock up to 300 items.

Kirin Holdings, as part of its CSV activities, has been providing assistance to those affected by the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake. The companyfs efforts in supporting Kumamoto earthquake recovery with donations to the Nippon Foundation of Tokyo, Japan,have been recognized with the award of the Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon. The award was presented at a ceremony held at the Nippon Foundation on June 29.

Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon presentation ceremony

     Other efforts in Kirin Holdings in its Kirin Kizuna Relief-Support Projec-Kumamoto, include limited edition sales of Kirin Ichiban Shibori and Kirin Gogo-no-kocha Oishii Muto (sugar-free) designed for environment conservation activities of Aso Grasslands intiative. To these must be added the launch of Kirin Hyoketsu with Kumamoto Mikan, made from 100% Satsuma oranges grown in Kumamoto (a part of sales goes to support recovery efforts), and the screening of a special Gogo-no-kocha television commercial set in Minami-aso village. The company will continue its recovery assistance activities.

Aiming to advance intelligent manufacturing in China, Mitsubishi Electric is providing support for the recently completed e-F@ctory*¹ demonstration zone within the Changshu Innovation Center for Green & Intelligent Manufacturing. Located in the Changshu New & Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone in Changshu city, Jiangsu Province, and in cooperation with companies, universities and research institutes, the center promotes R&D and the commercialization of resulting technologies as well as the development of human resources. Mitsubishi Electric established a factory automation components production facility, Mitsubishi Electric Automation Manufacturing (Changshu) Co., Ltd., in Changshu city in 2011 and then concluded a strategic partnership agreement with Changshu city in 2016 to support the establishment of the e-F@ctory demonstration zone.

Note 1...Provides integrated solutions based on factory automation (FA) and information technologies to reduce the total cost of developing, producing and maintaining products.

The Changshu Innovation Center for Green and Intelligent Manufacturing

The e-F@ctory demonstration zone