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The soda shower WS101E artificial water carbonator is designed for
use in beauty salons. Its clean and simple design means it can be
installed unobtrusively anywhere.

Mitsubishi Rayon Cleansui (Cleansui) launched the Watercouture brand in 2015 under the corporate philosophy of gBeauty of Spirit and Body.h The first product launched by the company under the brand was the soda shower WS101E artificial water carbonating shower system for beauty salons. The soft water shower WS201E, launched in Japan in May 2016, is a cartridge-type water-softening showerhead that replaces those popularly used at home and at recreation and other facilities. Soft water refers to water containing low concentrations of calcium and magnesium ions. It is commonly used by salons for washing hair in Europe, one of the most advanced regions in the field of beauty care.
     When Cleansui was opening up the artificial carbonated water business market, research into latent demand showed the average annual growth in GDP per capita in China, Thailand and Vietnam to be very high. It was particularly so in Thailand which had 110,000 hair salons (in 2012), a figure that had grown 150 percent between 2006 and 2010. The introduction of the soda shower WS101E shower system in the international market is progressing well with one major salon chain having installed some 200 systems.

Soft water shower

     Developing the international market for the soft water shower WS201E shower head will involve offering women who have the same interest in beauty care as in Japan a level of high-quality hair care along the lines of gArtificial carbonated water at the beauty salon, Soft water at home.h
     Calcium and magnesium ions and other minerals found in public water systems not only make the hair stiff and difficult to manage but also prevent hair care agents from penetrating into the hair fibers. Use of a soft-water shower restricts the buildup of mineral residue and the generation of soap scum while promoting foaming and the production of fine foam. This leads to a reduction in hair friction and more thorough and deeper cleansing of hair follicles.
     Through its Watercouture brand, Cleansui will be proposing a new level of beauty care in salons both in Japan and overseas.