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0.32 grams of fine gold is used in each set of the 12-design series of Wabana Monyo bookmarks. The design is printed onto a 99.99 percent fine gold sheet, laminated for protection.

Mitsubishi Materials Trading has started to sell a 12-design series of Wabana Monyo Fine Gold Bookmarks. Using Japanese flowers from the different seasons and traditional patterns, the series was designed in collaboration with the renowned Japanese stamp designer Motoharu Morita. Each design makes the beholder aware of the Japanese aesthetic sense. The bookmarks suit a wide range of situations and can be used to mark pages in your favorite book, to take as a souvenir when visiting friends abroad or as a gift for important customers, family or friends.
     The Wabana Monyo Fine Gold Bookmark series can be ordered from our Precious Metals Division, from our Marunouchi branch store in Tokyo or on the internet.

Lawson is working to make its stores more convenient for visitors from abroad. Initiatives include the introduction of the Alipay smartphone checkout system at all its stores and the printing in English of product names for onigiri rice balls, temakizushi hand-rolled sushi and the gLawson Selecth range of private brand products, as well as offering duty-free shopping at 115 of its stores ( as of the end of March, 2017). The number of foreign visitors to Japan exceeded 24 million in 2016*¹, and of those who visited Tokyo some 50 percent visited the Ginza district.
     In collaboration with banks and other businesses, Lawson opened the Terminal Ginza Tourist Service Center within the Ginza Six commercial development which started business in the early part of 2017. Terminal Ginza offers tourists a one-stop shopping solution with a convenience store, tourist information, duty-free shopping, parcel delivery service, and foreign currency exchange. In addition to the normal range of convenience store goods, the Lawson Ginza Six store located in the Tourist Center stocks Japanese souvenirs as well as products certified as meeting Halal requirements.

*1 Source: Japan National Tourist Organization estimate for December 2016 (issued January 17, 2017).

Projected exterior of the new hospital

Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) has agreed with Yee Shin Holdings (Yee Shin) and the Capital Diamond Star Group (CDSG) to form a hospital management joint venture in Myanmar, with plans to open a general hospital in Yangon in 2020.
     MCfs involvement in the field of healthcare to date has primarily been through the distribution and sale of medical devices and supplies, but the company regards hospital management as a growth market over the medium- to longterm. This project marks its first entry into that market, as MC aims to engage in hospital management in Myanmar with its fast-growing economy.
     In Myanmar, many people currently travel abroad to receive medical services in Thailand, Singapore and other neighboring countries. The new joint venture will construct a 300-bed general hospital fully equipped to provide high quality medical care in Yangon. Leveraging CDSGfs diversified business network in Myanmar, the hospital will be constructed in the integrated development complex gCapital City.h Yee Shin will provide the hospital management expertise it has built up through its management of two hospitals in Mandalay.

Mitsubishi Jisho Residence, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Estate, is participating in The Gems residential development project being undertaken in a suburb near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, by Pine Properties Sdn Bhd (PPSB), a subsidiary of IOI Properties Group Berhad, one of Malaysiafs leading property players. The project involves the phased development of eight residential buildings ranging in height between 12 and 34 floors on a site of approximately 40,000 square meters with a total of 676 residential units. The property is located in IOI Resort City, adjacent to the Federal Administrative Centre, Putrajaya, an area where the majority of government agencies are located. IOI Resort City is an integrated and sustainable resort development with world-class amenities and services at its doorstep.