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The Good Design Award is the only inclusive design evaluation and commendation system in Japan. Starting as the Good Design Selection System (or G Mark System), it was founded in 1957. More than a competition that judges relative excellence alone, this comprehensive design-promotion system selects designs from the perspective of whether they have the potential to enrich lives and communities as a whole. The designs are evaluated and commended on the basis of their efficacy and usefulness. The thought given to and the methodology used in entries selected as Good Designs can provide a springboard to future activities. 2016 proved to be the best-subscribed year in recent memory, with 4,085 GDA entries screened and 1,229 granted the use of the G Mark symbol.
The type of award is indicated by red, green, blue and orange dots.
Good Design Award
Good Design Long Life Design Award
Design for the Future Award
Good Design Best 100
Good Design Award-winning entries featured in this section with a circled number are pictured on the cover. The numbers correspond to those in the illustration on the left, showing the position of the entry on the cover.
Note: The information shown was correct at the time of the presentation of the awards (October 2016), but the particulars of the designs may have changed since.
Mitsubishi Electric
Mitsubishi Electric ❸
The Kirigamine - style domestic a/c unit presents the ideal slim-line look for a wall mounted ductless mini-split air conditioner through scrupulous attention to fine detail. The main features that attract attention include the flaps that deploy to hide the outlet vent grille from view in the front, and the sensor unit that retracts when the unit is switched off. While offering all the functionality and high energy savings demanded of a/c units on the Japanese market, it shows the passion and endeavor of those involved in its development in the linear, smooth surface design that achieves harmony with the surrounding space. Designed for a longer product life than normal, this unit hints at the development possibilities for a new type of domestic air conditioner.
Other Award Winners
Segment-Handling Robot for Large Telescope - Segment-Handling Robot for Thirty Meter Telescope  Mitsubishi Electric
Refrigerator - MR-CX series  Mitsubishi Electric
High-accuracy GPS Mobile Mapping System - Mobile Mapping System MMS-G  Mitsubishi Electric
Induction cooktop - CS-T34BFR  Mitsubishi Electric
Ceiling wall-mounted circulation fan - gHealth Air equippedh circulation fan JC-10K series
Mitsubishi Electric
Head-Up Display - Head-Up Display DU-200HU  Mitsubishi Electric
Car Speakers - 08603-K2007, 08603-K2008  Mitsubishi Electric
Fiber 2D Laser Processing Machine - Fiber 2D Laser Processing Machine eX-F Series
Mitsubishi Electric
Protection Relay - MP31 Multi-Relay  Mitsubishi Electric
LV Switchgear & Controlgear - Low Voltage Motor Control Center Type-D  Mitsubishi Electric
Tool for elevator maintenance - Floor mat for brake maintenance  Mitsubishi Electric
Hand Dryer - Jet Towel Smart JT-S2AP, JT-S2A  Mitsubishi Electric
Hand Dryer - Jet Towel Slim JT-SB216JSH2, JT-SB216KSN2  Mitsubishi Electric
Multihop Wireless Network for Surveillance Cameras - Measures to Introduce Wireless Network for Security Cameras  Mitsubishi Electric
Nikon Group

The inverted microscope is designed to observe specimens from below. It is suitable for observation of cells and tissues in culture dishes and it is widely used in biological, medical and pharmaceutical fields. Despite their compact size and reasonable price, the Eclipse Ts2 and Ts2R inverted microscopes flexibly accommodate a number of needs providing sharp, clear 3-D images with a self-aligning, high-intensity LED light source and a wide range of stages for different specimen sizes. Other features include a compact design that allows the microscopes to fit into different laboratory environments, and that keeps them clean. The stringent criteria sought of an inverted microscope are housed in a refined and unified shape and in a polished design that projects the sense of accuracy, reliability and appeal of a precision instrument.
Other Award Winners
Portable Microscope - EZ micro  Nikon Vision
Binocular - Monarch HG  Nikon Vision
Fieldscopes - Monarch Fieldscope  Nikon Vision ❺
Digital SLR Camera - Nikon D5  Nikon
Digital SLR Camera - Nikon D500  Nikon
Digital Imaging Solution - Nivo-i  Nikon Trimble
Application software - DS-L4  Nikon
Mitsubishi Estate Group
Mitsubishi Jisho, Mitsubishi Jisho Residence, Mitsubishi Jisho Housenet

The NinjaLock smart lock and its operating system allow an unattended viewing service for rental properties. Potential viewers obtain the right to use the lock from a dedicated website and unlock the door at the time reserved using a key downloaded to their smartphone. This can be done alone at any time without the need for the real estate agent to attend. While almost everything is available on the Internet today, property viewing was still being carried out as in the past. The aim, therefore, was to use the Internet and smartphones to provide viewers with more options for accessing real estate and to reduce costs for the real estate agent.
Door fitted with NinjaLock
Other Award Winners
Condominium - The Parkhouse Harumi Towers : A new twin tower design model that creates a lagoon city view with different, changing and discontinuing building expression
Mitsubishi Jisho Residence
Architecture - Head office & museum Yaskawa Innovation Center  Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei ❷
Office Building - Shibuya Toyu Building  Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei
Renovation of company housing - Reuse sublease business renovation of company housing that has become idle assets  Mitsubishi Jisho Residence
Research and development for new condominiums - gR & D eco-life model,h research and development for newly built condominiums, utilizing the renovation business of used condominiums  Mitsubishi Jisho Residence, Mitsubishi Estate Home, MEC eco LIFE
House - gOrder Granh Komazawa Stage 2 Home Gallery  Mitsubishi Estate Home
Kirin Holdings Group
Kirin Beverage

The packaging design for Kirin gmoogyh barley tea was not developed for standard shelf placement in stores but more for online shopping websites, targeting women between their 20s and 40s who are busy bringing up children or with work. Sixteen delicate, pastel, hand-drawn designs give expression to the excitement that the consumers will feel while wondering which patterns will be delivered, giving much the same enjoyment as choosing which outfit to wear each day. Inside the bottles is a blend of four warming ingredients - roasted barley, ginger, chamomile and lemon grass. Normal design methodology promotes brand awareness by printing large amounts of information on the packaging. The gmoogyh approach, however, is unique in that exploiting the nature of Internet shopping it employs a variety of patterns while keeping written descriptions of the product to a minimum. The fact that the design is based on real-life situations is also worthy of applause.
Other Award Winners
Home Beer Dispenser/ Bottle/ Service - Kirin Brewery Owners Club  Kirin Brewery
Whisky - Kirin Whisky Fuji-Sanroku 18Y Blended Whisky 2016  Kirin Brewery
Heartland Beer - Art Project Slice of Heartland  Kirin ❶
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries ❹

The New Shuttle 2020 series is a brand-new people mover system introduced on the Saitama New Urban Transit Ina line, serving 13 stations along a 12.7- km track that connects Omiya station to the northern suburbs of the city. Operating on a dedicated elevated track and with electric drive and rubber tires, it delivers environmentally friendly medium-capacity urban transportation. This automated guideway transit (AGT) is a one-man operated system fully equipped with Automated Train Control and Automated Route Control safety systems. The 2020 series coach uses a double skin aluminum construction that makes it over a ton lighter than the previous series, while delivering improved comfort. The new series brings further developments in the technology of the highly acclaimed Yurikamome 7300 series AGT and uses hexagonal cross-sectioning that improved interior space efficiency and created the iconic exterior.
Other Award Winners
Ceiling Cassette Type Air-Conditioner - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioner Exceed Hyper  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries