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Company Name AGC Coat-Tech Co., Ltd. New window will open
  • Comfort Yasuda Bldg., 5FL, 2-9 Kanda Nishikicho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-0054 Japan MAP
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  • Construction; Chemicals;

AGC COAT-TECH is a manufacturer of fluororesin paint "Bonnflon," made from Lumiflon, which is not only more weatherable but also glossier and brighter than the Poly-vinylidenefluoride (PVdF) types. "Bonnflon" is ideal for coating steel and cement, and also for multi-layer painting and clear finishing for bare concrete.


Bonnflon, Sunbarrier, Anti-graffiti, Micastone, Fluorinated coating material Obbligato(R)

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