Company Profile

Tokai Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Company Name

Shiba Boat bldg 6F, 3-1-15, Minato-ku Shiba, Tokyo 105-0014, Japan



Mining, Fishery and Farming; Rubber, Ceramics & Glass;

Related to

Silica Sand, Silica Rock, and Minerals


Raw material for Glass and Ceramics (Silica Sand, Feldspar, Kaolin, Dolomite), Construction material and silica source for ALC (Izu Silica Stone, Domestic Silica Rock, Silica Sand for Road Aggregate Material), Carrier for agricultural chemicals (Izu Crushed Silica Stone), Filler for resin/High function material (Fly Ash Ballon, TK Mica), Related material for greening and sport facilities (White Sand, Sports Sand), Material for housing and construction (Glass Roofing Tile-"Glass Kawara")