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Company Name Mitsubishi Chemical Techno-Research Corporation New window will open
  • 6-6, Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083, Japan MAP
  • TEL : +81-3-5226-0731
  • ICT; Consulting & Research;

Mitsubishi Chemical Techno-Research Corporation is a comprehensive think tank focused on the field of science that undertakes probing and extensive data mining, information processing and research and analysis centered on the chemical, biotechnology, nanotechnology, environmental and energy sectors.


Information Gathering (Online Searches, Questionnaires, Interviews), Information Extraction (Search Services, Periodical Information, Database Services, Seminar Arrangement), Research (Technology Trends, R&D Trends, Corporate Research, Social and Economic Studies, Market Trends), Analysis & Conclusion (Technology Forecasts, Risk Analysis, Feasibility Studies, Market Forecasts), Recommendations (Consulting)

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