Mitsubishi Asian Children's Enikki Festa

Started in 1990, the Mitsubishi Asian Children’s Enikki Festa is a program that seeks to promote literacy education and to stimulate cultural exchange among children by allowing them to learn about each other through “enikki” (illustrated diaries).

  • Ubaidulla Saule Yerbolkyzy

    Amanina Mohammad Fadzlan

    Age 11, Girl


Dear Diary,
One beautiful starry night, my parents brought my siblings and me to watch a traditional puppet show called wayang kulit. Wayang kulit is a 2D puppet made from cow hide. In the show, two warriors were fighting each other to defend their kingdoms. Green puppets represent warriors, yellow puppets are princesses, while red puppets are evil beings. My little sister could not see the show from far away so I brought her to the front. She then enjoyed the show as much as I did.

  • Taloh Bounmy

    Walpitagamage Kaviru Renuja

    Age 11, Boy
    Sri Lanka


I went to our village’s Buddhist temple with my parents. It was the day of Khatina Pinkama, when the people give new robes to the temple monks. People were making offerings of flowers, water, and medicinal herbs to the sacred bodhi tree to obtain blessings from the tree. After the ceremony, we prayed for an end to sadness for all living things. We poured water from pots onto the sacred tree and placed our hands together and bowed to the tree. We then bowed to the most senior monk and received his blessings.