Mitsubishi Asian Children's Enikki Festa

Started in 1990, the Mitsubishi Asian Children’s Enikki Festa is a program that seeks to promote literacy education and to stimulate cultural exchange among children by allowing them to learn about each other through “enikki” (illustrated diaries).

  • Junam Rai

    Junam Rai

    Age 12, Girl


This is my village. Nothing accessible, even lights and roads, but everything is enriched. There are not any pollution or noisy disturbances. It is very peaceful and evergreen throughout which is very much different from town areas. Everything is silent. We hardly hear any noise sound like in town areas, but there is only the sound of breeze, and all the leaves are dancing with the clear sky and clean flow of rivers and streams.
Every living being enjoys the beauty of nature. This is why I like to be there.

  • Md. Aiman Fitri Waqiuddin Bin Md. Khirizal

    Md. Aiman Fitri Waqiuddin Bin Md. Khirizal

    Age 11, Boy


Hobbies are something that can be done in spare time. They usually give great joy and make life lively. Kite flying is my hobby. I love flying the kite because I can create the kite with my own creativity. I also love it because when it’s flying it looks like a bird flying on the sky. Last Sunday, my father and I went to Jubilee Park to fly our kite. It was delightful and soothing to see the kites in the clear blue sky.