Visualizing Our Future

Mitsubishi Miraikan ("The Mitsubishi Future Pavilion"), Mitsubishi Pavilion at world fair Expo '70 held in Osaka, showcased bold predictions about life and society in fifty years. Now in 2020, as we look back on some of these predictions, we again look ahead-what can we expect in the future with the technologies of today?
Contributor: Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. (MRI)

Remind me-what is Mitsubishi Miraikan?

Mitsubishi Miraikan is the name of Mitsubishi Pavilion at world fairs and regional expos.

Mitsubishi Miraikan was, like the Tower of the Sun and the moon rock brought back from the Apollo 12 mission, one of the crowd favorites and drew the highest number of visitors among the private businesses that participated.

At Expo '70, the world fair held in Osaka, Mitsubishi unveiled how they envisioned Japan to be in fifty years-in other words, the year 2020 now. Our exhibits depicted the nature of Japan and the dreams of the Japanese people, and applied various technologies that brought the future to our visitors.

Presenting the vision of society in 2020 Predicted by the Mitsubishi Miraikan ("The MitsubishiFuture Pavilion")!!

The year 2020 as predicted by the Mitsubishi Miraikan. Let's take a look at some of the predictions. Some are right on the mark, others are still far from becoming a reality. If you could predict life 50 years from now, what kind of future would you imagine?

Weather observation from space

At the Information Service Dome of the Global Weather Management Center on a space station, weather charts from across the globe will be displayed and changes in weather conditions reported in a wide array of languages.

Homes will own private helicopters!

We can watch TV broadcasts from all around the world, and most ordinary homes will have a pool and a private helicopter.

Milk straight from the faucet!

With just a turn of the faucet we get milk to drink, and meals can easily be cooked by just setting electronic automated cookers.

From growing rice to dairy farming

Rice cultivation will decline, and dairy farming will gain more attention. Modern agricultural zones using all kinds of chemistry and machinery will be characterized by urban, self-sufficient structures.

Eels are fully artificially bred!

Techniques for breeding freshwater fish will advance, and trout and eels will be exported worldwide.

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    Toward a 4-hour workday!
    The disappearance of physical labor

    People's working hours will be re­duced to 4 hours per day. Phys­i­cal labor will com­plete­ly dis­ap­pear. In­stead, be­cause of our con­nec­tion to elec­tron­ic busi­ness de­vices, we will cons­tant­ly be sur­rounded by mechan­ical de­vices and tech­no­logical inno­vations.

    4 hours of work and no physical labor?! Robots Join
    Our Society

    Coexistence with robots, and robot usage... Will people's lives become more comfortable and happy with the support of robots? The 4-hour workday predicted in 1970 at the Mitsubishi Miraikan ("The Mitsubishi Future Pavilion") might now be within reach!

  • 02

    Wall-mounted TVs and electronic brains become the norm

    Future homes sur­rounded by fresh greenery await us. Inside these homes are wall-mounted TVs, home electronic brains, elec­tronic control­lers, and more.

    An electronic brain at home?! Can AI Make Us Happier?

    In 1970, it was predicted at the Mitsubishi Miraikan ("The Mitsubishi Future Pavilion") that electronic brains will become a norm within homes. This electronic brain, or AI, was brought up as a key technology in our previous robot article. Will people become happier with the remarkable progress that AI will show in the future?

  • 03

    Overcoming cancer

    In addition to overcoming cancer, there will be no more need for operations, with the exception of traffic accidents.

    We overcome cancer! Genomic Medicine:
    The Future of Medicine

    The Mitsubishi Miraikan ("The Mitsubishi Future Pavilion") at Expo ‘70 in Osaka predicted that cancer would be overcome within the next fifty years. Will genomic medicine advances mean that we can actually overcome cancer in the near future?

  • 04

    Work becomes fully automated All that's needed is a single click of the button

    Work tasks in companies will become fully automated, with everything operated by just a single click of a button.

    Working with just a single click of the button! Quantum Computers Will Transform the Future

    What will our future be like when quantum computers are put to use? How will it affect the way we work and our way of life? Mitsubishi Miraikan about being able to fully automate work with a single button click may come true after all.

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