Social Activities

Mitsubishi companies individually engage in philanthropic activities such as volunteer work and corporate donation activities. They also work together as a group in establishing joint charitable foundations and research organizations.

Mitsubishi Public Affairs Committee

The Mitsubishi Public Affairs Committee coordinates various exchange events involving Mitsubishi companies and disseminates information about their traditions and activities.

Foundations Supported by Mitsubishi Group

Mitsubishi group supports the following foundations based on the group philosophy that business activities should be carried out in a manner that contributes to society, as stated in the Three Principles.

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Sites Related to Mitsubishi’s History

The founding family of the old Mitsubishi organization left an impressive legacy of architecture, treasures and landscapes. Here we present a selection that has deep connections with Mitsubishi. As these sites are open to the public, we hope you will use the information to experience Mitsubishi’s history and culture.