The Mitsubishi group sees contributing to society as an ultimate goal of our business. This basic philosophy has been passed down and shared by all Mitsubishi companies over the course of our history. It was based on this spirit that two organizations were founded: The Mitsubishi Foundation, whose purpose is to aid areas such as academic research, social welfare, and arts and culture; and the Mitsubishi Memorial Foundation for Educational Excellence, which supports educational programs serving to help nurture young people, the torchbearers of tomorrow. Improving Japan's academic scene, culture, and welfare is how Mitsubishi plays an important role in ensuring a bright future for Japan.

This page introduces the activities with which the Mitsubishi Foundation is involved. The Foundation celebrated its fiftieth year in 2019.

The Mitsubishi Foundation

The Mitsubishi Foundation was established in 1969 to mark Mitsubishi's 100th anniversary. Since then, the Foundation has assisted researchers in the natural sciences and the humanities with their academic studies and research, and provided support to people and organizations dedicated to solving various social welfare-related issues. Since 2019, the Foundation has also been providing assistance to conserve cultural properties. Whether it is cutting-edge science or practical, grassroots projects, the Mitsubishi Foundation is committed to helping promising talent, and backing activities which serve to support the nation.

Mitsubishi Foundation ceremony
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