Overview of Mitsubishi Group Companies Using Numbers

Overview of Mitsubishi Group Companies Using Numbers

This is Mitsubishi and its history presented simply using numbers.


The origin of Mitsubishi dates back to 1870. Mitsubishi’s journey began when Yataro Iwasaki from the Tosa domain (present-day Kochi prefecture) launched a shipping business.

Four presidents laid the foundation for Mitsubishi. This started with our founder Yataro Iwasaki.

The spirit and values of The Three Principles remain alive and current today.

After Yataro Iwasaki took over the Tosa clan’s new Osaka office, the clan disbanded, allowing Yataro to gain the three ships that he used to launch his shipping business, Tsukumo Trading Company.

Mitsubishi developed the Marunouchi area as the business center of Japan, where it also served as the entryway to the country. This all began in 1890 when Yanosuke Iwasaki purchased over 100,000 tsubo (approximately 33 hectares) from the Meiji government, including a former barracks site in Marunouchi.

Yataro Iwasaki purchased his Kayamachi estate in 1878, which served as his main residence. In 1880, he had his villa in Fukagawa (around 10 hectares) built for his employees to socialize and also purchased his Komagome villa (around 10 hectares). Both are regarded as Important Cultural Properties and are open to the public in Tokyo.

Our Firsts

First in the World: This camera achieved its position as a high-end single-lens reflex camera by incorporating various new functions that were never seen before, such as the coupling of aperture and light meter, and the practical use of the motor drive.

First in Japan: In Nanao City, Ishikawa Prefecture, 1952.
Now used all across Japan, this small bridge was the first of the PC bridges in Japan.

First in Japan: This is the year that the “Bombay route,” the first routine sea route for a Japanese shipping company, was opened.

First in the World: The world’s first oxygen scavenger “AGELESS®” began its production in 1977.

First in the World: Mitsubishi launched the world's first mass-produced EV i-MiEV.

First in Japan: In the Meiji era, many new industries were created by the government's industrial development policies to modernize the nation. Being one of the new industries, there was a movement to establish a marine insurance company necessary for growing shipping and trading industries. On August 1, 1879, Tokio Marine Insurance Company, the predecessor of Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance, was established.

No. 1 in Japan:* Crude oil processing capacity at 1.87 million barrels/day.
*No. 1 in the nation as of November 30, 2020

The origin of the present Kirin brand “Kirin Beer.” Manufactured by Japan Brewery, the forerunner company of Kirin Beer. It is the starting point of the present “Kirin Lager Beer,” and has over 130 years of history.

First in the World: Mitsubishi holds a Guinness World Record for the largest dredger bucket that weighs 477 tons (106m3).

[First in the World] The Counter-Clockwise method of loading automobiles first developed by NYK greatly reduces vehicle damage when handling cargo, resulting in the vehicle damage rates for North American lines being lowered to less than 1%. This method is currently being used by car carriers around the world.

[No.1 in Japan] Approximately 13,000 service stations
* Ranked No.1 in Japan as of November 11, 2020

[First in the World] UV Verre Premium reinforced glass for front doors on automobiles that cuts down on approximately 99% of ultraviolet rays is now on sale through the world

[No.1 in Japan] Assets Under Administration for investors in and outside Japan at approximately 533 billion dollars.
* As of the end of March, 2020

[No.1 in Japan] 52 launches of H2A and H2B rockets
* As of November 2020
- Launch Success Rates 98.1% (51/52)*
Note: Number of successful launches/total number of launches

[First in the World] Mitsubishi Electric is the first and the only company in the world producing curved escalators. A total of 111 units have been manufactured and shipped to Japan and overseas up until now.
* As of December 2020

[First in the World] Outdoor large-screen color display (1980, Dodger Stadium)
The Diamond Vision™ large screen display is recognized as an IEEE Milestone (March 2018)

[No.1 in the World] Guinness Record.
The world’s largest gold ingot weighing 250kg was cast at the Naoshima Plant. It is exhibited at Toi Gold Mine.