Stories of Prominent Figures

An introduction to the story of Mitsubishi: from its beginnings to how it diversified its business, to its split after WWII and how it became what it is today.
These are the stories of the four presidents, starting with founder Yataro Iwasaki, as well as the other prominent figures in the early history of Mitsubishi.

The Four Presidents

The Man Who Started It All Yataro Iwasaki (1835〜1885)

The Architect of Diversification Yanosuke Iwasaki (1851〜1908)

The Modernizer Hisaya Iwasaki (1865〜1955)

The Last President Koyata Iwasaki (1879〜1945)

Some Special People

Thomas Glover

Josiah Conder

Kenkichi Kagami

Toshiya Iwasaki

Heigoro Shoda

Taizo Abe

Walsh Brothers

George Edward
Oakes Ramsay