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from the USA

Pacific Beach ― A Classic California Beach Community

Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance (U.S.A.) Inc.
A subsidiary of Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance

Mr. David Anderson

Vice President/ Operations

For almost 25 years I have lived in Pacific Beach, a neighborhood of less than 50,000 people in San Diego, California. Growing up in Massachusetts, on the East Coast of the United States, I never imagined that someday I would live in a Southern California beach community. In 1995 my then girlfriend (now wife), Hilary, suggested that we relocate to San Diego. It seems like only yesterday that we arrived with no jobs and an old car, but today we have two children, 11 and 14, and a dog, Lulu. We love living in an environment that encourages an active outdoor lifestyle where there is always something to do ― surfing, walking, fitness, cycling, skateboarding, dance, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ― it seems like our family is always in motion.
     Known for sunny skies, beautiful beaches, and a relaxed atmosphere, Pacific Beach welcomes visitors all year round. Tourists sometimes ask whether we have seasons or not, but locals recognize the subtle differences between our mild winters and summers. Gentle waves make for an ideal place to learn to surf and over three miles of oceanfront boardwalk provide a constantly changing parade of humanity. California has an image that is known around the world, and Pacific Beach is the kind of place most people picture when they imagine Southern California.

With beloved family and dog Lulu
Fitness ― part of my life

Working in Paradise

As I was adapting to life on the West Coast I started my career in equipment leasing and began working for an American subsidiary of a Japanese leasing company. While that experience only lasted a few years, I found I had a passion for the operations side of the business. I went on to work for several San Diego-based bank and independent lenders in both leasing and factoring. In 2016 I found the opportunity to work for a Japanese company again here at Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance (U.S.A.) Inc. (MULUSA).
     As Vice President/ Operations, I work with my team to attend to the many details that provide for an excellent customer experience as well as ensuring that all transactions conform to internal controls. Since I started, my colleagues and I have greatly expanded MULUSA’s presence in the mid-ticket equipment finance market in the United States. We have also replaced our lease accounting software and built a San Diego office that handles most of the back-office functions of the company, including accounting, billing, and transaction booking. As a financing source we provide a vital service for our customers and they are constantly coming up with new challenges for us to meet. Even though my weekend is spent at the beach, on Monday I look forward to getting into the office and collaborating with the MULUSA team to grow and improve our business.

from Spain

AGC Pharma Chemicals Europe: Vision and Passion

AGC Pharma Chemicals Europe, S.L.U
A group company of AGC

Mr. Miguel Leon Vergel Martin

EHS Department / Environment Operator

When a person arrives in Malgrat de Mar ― a coastal town located in the Maresme region, just 60 kilometers north of Barcelona, our beloved Barcelona, and just under 40 kilometers from the cozy city of Girona ― they usually admire it for its excellent beaches and many tourist attractions. Malgrat has 4500 meters of white sand beach and is capable of accommodating around 15,000 visitors in its different hotels and campsites, which in the summer months touch 100% occupancy. Visitors often point to the enormous friendliness, attention and service of the “malgratencs” (inhabitants).
     Some of these tourists who visit our beaches, notice an artificial platform, located inside the beach (as an islet), just 500 meters from the shore, called La Pilona. The platform is a symbol for the town’s population and the last vestige of the industrial mining activity that existed at the beginning of the 20th century. From the mines in the Can Palomeras mountains arrived, by cable car, wagons loaded with iron, to the La Pilona platform where they were loaded on to ships. This industrial activity disappeared over the years.

AGC Vision for Malgrat

Now it is AGC that has generated great enthusiasm in the municipality. The renowned Japanese multinational, recognized for its activity in glass, has acquired the Malgrat de Mar plant with the intention of becoming a reference in the next years in the life sciences market. And to achieve this, AGC is investing large quantities of resources, both economic and human, in the existing facilities: three production plants, in-process control and quality control laboratories, infrastructure departments, sales and, especially, in research and development of new products. All this with the vision of becoming the first choice as a Contract and Development Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) in Europe.
     The company’s Department of Environment deserves special mention, for two reasons:
     ・The enormous interest that AGC has in environmental sustainability, which has been one of its main objectives since its arrival. “Chemistry for a blue planet” is one basis of the company's way of operating.
     ・And also because in that department, I am currently performing my duties. This department has a Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), which is responsible for the treatment of all wastewater generated in the different processes of our factory and, finally after complying with the discharge limits imposed by the competent authorities, for discharging it into the sea, we continue to enjoy the wonderful waters that bathe the beaches of our municipality.

AGC factory with seafront

AGC is Passion

Just as AGC gave me the opportunity to describe my municipality in this article, it also granted me the possibility of mentioning some of my favorite hobbies. I wasn't very sure which one to talk about (football, flamenco, cycling). I finally decided on flamenco.
     As a lover of this music, I wondered, until recently, what was the reason the Japanese liked this art? In these few months that we have shared, I now understand their interest in flamenco. The passion, enthusiasm, respect and commitment that AGC has shown and transmitted to me at this time is similar to the feeling and passion expressed by the “cantaor” (singer) towards his audience. These are the same values that AGC communicates to its employees and especially to its customers.
     I would like to end this article with a Japanese proverb that also expresses my feelings and desires: "Hajime yokereba owari yoshi." If the beginning is good, the end will be good. If you start a task by putting your heart into it, giving your best effort along a successful path, the results will be equally positive.